Wednesday, April 1, 2009

After the Fact

Arrived home from first art show of the season in Arizona last week. Had a wonderful time away and now I'm working again in the studio as my show season is gaining momentum. I love going to Arizona in March, the drive, the different landscapes, the plants and trees, everything is so different. Sales at the Scottsdale Arts Festival were down from last year but not terrible and I won an award in my Mixed Media category again which means a return to next years show is guaranteed. I'm hanging a show at La Bellezza Spa this Friday, reception on Saturday 4Pm to 7PM and then my next show is in Boulder in May. Lots to do but it's getting done. Thanks to all who supported me in one way or another with my artwork, I really apprciate it! My returning customers love and loyality mean a lot to me.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Interesting Paper Work

Paper Cut Out.

Peter Callesen's papercut series was recently shown in NY. His work is really interesting and time consuming and thoughtful. I really like it, check out the link if you have some time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moving Forward

Artwork by Ingrid Blixt

The work is being created in the studio, the kiln is being fired and I'm getting excited about new sculptures. It's been a very busy and challenging time lately for myself and my husband. With all of the normal day to day things still going on I've been working hard trying to promote my Etsy shop, Alina Arts, no sales yet but I'm still hopeful. I think promoting it in Scottsdale will help. I'm increasing my hours where I can at my day job and looking for more PT work anywhere I can find it. Craig is basically doing the same thing with his web design/graphic design business, he's so talented and brilliant in his work. We're both hopeful that things will turn around for us, that our businesses will begin to generate more income, this poor economy is really killing us though. Our home and keeping it is on the forefront of our minds these days and to top it all off one of our beloved dogs, Root, passed away on Sunday, we had to put him down. I don't like how that sounds though, we had to help him pass on, we had to assist in releasing his spirit from his broken down body, we had to help him say goodbye because we think he didn't want to leave us, because he always looked after us. I sometimes wonder how many times a heart can be broken into pieces before you can't put it back together again. The pieces just don't fit together like they used to. The human spirit, spirit in general, is resiliant, it knows that not all life is trouble and pain, that things pass and change and there are a multitude of splendid moments that fortify the heart and soul. So through our passions, my art, my riding, my love for family, friends and Life, I keep moving forward, looking forward to those moments of joy and peace where everything comes together and the heart is renewed. The bitter gives you the ability to taste the sweet.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love has Wings/New Work

Love has Wings

I've been working a lot in the studio getting ready for Scottsdale but I've posted some new to Etsy work in my shop Alina Arts. The piece above was made a year or so ago and it's a departure from my more recent, simple, modern pieces, it utilizes a variety of found objects but I really like this sculpture. It was made during a time where I felt the need to express things more literally through my art and I was enjoying all the different elements that went into the piece. Love has Wings feels like a good piece to present so close to Valentines but it's more how I've been feeling lately, uplifted by the love in my life, thankful. Wanting to release it instead of keeping it hidden away for a rainy day. I hope you get a chance to stop by my shop and look at the new pieces and a very lovely and sweet Valentines Day to you.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wabi Sabi

I've always liked the idea of Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese aesthetic that regards things that are not perfect as beautiful, things that are lean and spare as lovely. I can relate to this concept in my life as well as in my artwork. I think this is why I love the desert so much, for it's honesty, sparse nature and it's lack of ripeness, it strips away the pretense. I being far from perfect in anyway have grown to except and respect my short comings and frailties and see the beauty in this human condition we dwell in. I feel Wabi Sabi in my artwork, it is one of kind, it can feel rough and organic to the eye, it's not polished or slick, I don't use molds or mechanized tools to build it. My hands create everything and from day to day my hands change, more or less strength and stability creates a different piece from day to day. Society tells us being perfect is where it's at, whether it's your body, your job, house, lifestyle, keep striving until it's perfect, don't show the weathered and worn out aspects that make us who we are. But the eye falls eventually to the character and interest of something imperfect, because it holds our eye and our minds, we can relate to it, it slows us down and we look closely and appreciate that which is all around us. I may have a little more Wabi than Sabi or perhaps the other way around, but I perfectly fine with that.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Loveliness Inspires Me.

Nobo (North Boulder)

Nobo (North Boulder)

Many times while I'm out riding my bike, hiking or traveling I'll see things in the landscape that inspire me with either color, pattern, design or texture. Lately on my winter time rides, runs and hikes I've been seeing many of these elements and day dreaming of how to put them into my work. I will do a mid-day ride out by the Boulder Reservoir, which brings me a long the east side of this body of water, the constant freezing and thawing of the water have left miniature, cracked ice bergs along the shore. The ice breaking apart into patterns with variation in color from the darkness of the water below to the lightness of the bluish/white ice above. These patterns are amazing as well as the color differences, it makes me stop and stare in appreciation. It doesn't hurt that there are many bald eagles, falcons, hawks and coyotes to wonder at too.
I've also been noticing the random patterns of cattle and horses on the open range and the variation of color between the animals and snow covered ground, yellow, brown, black and whitish blues. The way the firs and pines create a circle below them in the snow, a shallow well of sorts and the contrast of the white/blue snow with the dark earth in the center. All of this is recorded and stored in my mind where I dream of ways of incorporating these patterns, color, textures and ideas into a series of boxes. Something minimal inspired by the winter loveliness that surrounds me here in Colorado being expressed and shown in new spring and summer work that feels contemporary and organic.
I should carry my camera with me during these rides and hikes so I can document what I see, sometimes I do but perhaps more often would be better.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alina Arts

I've begun this blog as a way for folks to stay current with my art process, shows and events I'm attending and with my day to day life as a artist. I hope you enjoy this blog and I look forward to sharing my experience with you. Please make sure you visit me at a art festival this year or you can see some of my new work at my ETSY shop, Alina Arts.
Stay tuned for more very soon.